May 21, 1973
May 21, 1973

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May 21, 1973

Ms. Match
Old Man Indy
Chick Lang
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    With his victory in the World Championship Tennis finals in Dallas last week, formerly the private fishing grounds of Messrs. Rosewall and Laver, Stan Smith proved he has left his competition high and dry

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


34 Mother's Day Ms. Match
With nary a fast shuffle, Bobby Riggs, Male Chauvinist Hustler, trounced Margaret Court

This is an article from the May 21, 1973 issue

38 The Deadly Wrath of Old Man Indy
Like an ogre guarding a mountain, the Speedway held off racing's assault on 200 mph—and took a life

42 Now Let Us Render unto Cesar
And what is his, as Houston's Cesar Cedeno proved once again, is the prospect of an extraordinary career

44 Good to the Last Bounce
Pro basketball's season ends in the pop of champagne corks, with the Knicks and the Pacers celebrating

50 To Hell with Paradise
So says the premier of St. Vincent, who deems it wrong to talk of whispering trade winds where poverty shouts

59 Man in the Middle Jewel
Chick Lang rides herd on Pimlico, where one gem of the Triple Crown glitters this Saturday

100 A Pitch for Cricket
English novelist John Fowles notes some rugged kinships between their grand old ball game and ours

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