June 11, 1973
June 11, 1973

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June 11, 1973

  • By Peter Carry

    In the NCAA lacrosse championship, a stall by underdog Johns Hopkins held mighty Maryland for a while. But a cluster of All-Americas and a hot-shooting freshman named Urso saved the day in overtime

Fire And Rain
Out Of The Cage
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 Not Quite a Terrapin Stew
In the NCAA lacrosse championship, Johns Hopkins was finally stopped in overtime by Maryland's All-Americas

This is an article from the June 11, 1973 issue

30 Trial by Fire and Rain
Indy was more ordeal than event, with storms, smashups and a race that stopped short of the storied 500

34 Lady with a Lot of Horse
Meadow Stable's Penny Tweedy had a blitz education in racing. Secretariat could confer the ultimate degree

Memories of Oakmont

40 A surreal look at the scene of next week's U.S. Open
48 When Palmer lost it in '62, The Bear was out of the cage

60 Programmed To Be Losers
Girl's have only limited access to athletics, which may be one reason they often are underachievers

94 Scaling a Crazy Mountain
Down went huge Chris Taylor and with him the U.S. hopes of at last beating Russia's wrestlers

106 Big Sky, Big Dream
When he was young, the author had a major-league bonus, a strong arm and a ticket to McCook, Neb.

The departments

18 Scorecard
76 People
79 Baseball
84 Golf
90 Crew
101 Bridge
125 For the Record
128 19th Hole

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Cover photographs by Neil Leifer


Next week

Fight, somebody! Heavyweights Duane Bobick and Jimmy Ellis operate against stiffs, while George Foreman and the rest play cat and mouse. Pat Putnam reports.

Waterlogged shoes and the dry heaves are the rewards for running the steeplechase. Neil Leifer's photographs reinforce Kenny Moore's account of an appalling event.

Jekyll and Hyde in the form of a pro golfer is big money winner Bruce Crampton, whose alternately abrasive and charming personality is examined by John Underwood.