July 02, 1973
July 02, 1973

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July 2, 1973

Courting Time
College Football
Last Battle
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Courting Time in Peking
It was friendship first, competition second as the U.S. basketball teams met Madame Mao and played "lan chiu"

This is an article from the July 2, 1973 issue

16 Pinstripes Are Back in Style
And in dashing fashion at that as the Yankees shake off years of drabness and shake up the A.L. East

20 The Old Rugged Motocross
Filled with auto racing's own religious fervor, thousands stage a noisy conversion to world-class cycling

22 Dark Fortnight for Tennis...
Even the traditions of Wimbledon may not withstand the shock of this year's ban and boycott

24 ...And Cloudy Days for Chris
She is still a winning little girl, but her fellow pros have jolted her on the European circuit

28 Go Fly a Kite
Which is what 176 kiters tried to do in Washington, D.C., but the blue yonder wasn't wild enough

34 Look Who's a Bigwig
It's Bob Hayes, who is a top exec in the artificial hair game but has not convinced the Cowboys he can still start

56 Last Battle in a Foreboding Land
When the salmon come home to British Columbia, it is chow time for fish eaters—man and animal

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6 Scorecard
43 People
44 Baseball
46 College Football
49 Boating
53 Track & Field
64 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Rookiest rookie David Clyde, who three weeks ago was a high school pitching marvel, faces his first start in the major leagues as a Texas Ranger. Ron Fimrite reports.

What'll Wottle do next, now that Bowling Green Dave has won an Olympic gold medal in the 800-meter run, turned in a super time for the mile and performed two hat tricks?

100% is not enough, says the Washington Redskins' demanding coach, George Allen, who sets forth his own philosophy about how you produce what you have to have—110%.