July 23, 1973
July 23, 1973

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July 23, 1973

Billy's Music
Gentle Don
Buy Now
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 His First Hurrah
Those who predicted Tom Weiskopf would become a great golfer found the British Open something to shout about

This is an article from the July 23, 1973 issue

22 A Case of Volunteer—or Else
For the player, college football turns out to have a longer season than most fans know

26 Bend an Ear to Billy's Music
Percussionist enough to be baseball's batting champ, the Cubs' Billy Williams now hears a World Series tune

32 Oh, How Gently Flows this Don
The Jets' Maynard has combined wits, speed and an aversion to brawling to become his game's alltime top receiver

36 Buy Now and Cry Later
Let the retirement-home buyer beware of the real-estate con man. He may be selling miseries

42 Seasons Slipping through a Net
Brilliant trout-fishing days—the salmonfly spring, the calm ponds of summer—flow down a stream of consciousness

72 To Capture Moments and Majesty
The camera freezes in still life the splendor of nature, focusing man's attention on the fabric of the world

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15 Scorecard
51 People
54 Baseball
61 Boxing
64 Harness Racing
69 Dogs
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next week

Penske power comes to offshore racing in New Jersey's Hennessy Grand Prix where Jolly Roger, owner of exemplary racing cars, will try to pirate off a prize in his watery debut.

Affluence among its athletes is a dread Boston disease but, as Melvin Maddocks relates, it has not infected Red Sox Catcher Carlton Fisk, a man of New Hampshire grit.

Money is not what makes Bobby Riggs run, he tells Curry Kirkpatrick. His spark is the ambition to be a celebrity again and to bask once more in the limelight of life's center court.