July 30, 1973
July 30, 1973

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July 30, 1973

Beat 'Em
Striking A Blow
Pro Football
Bobby Riggs
  • And all the and women merely players—especially women—says Bobby Riggs, that near golden-ager who with his racket has found a pot of gold and something far more dear to him, the stimulating heat of the limelight and the sweet music of applause

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Treat 'em, Beat 'em
After ministering to an injured rival, Dr. Bob Magoon whips a grand offshore racing fleet

This is an article from the July 30, 1973 issue

16 Millions on the Hoof
The three big-money horses—Secretariat, Riva Ridge and Key to the Mint—are set for a sizzling season

18 Birthday Present for Herself
Until Susie Berning and her new/old putter took charge of the party, the Women' s Open was a brawling affair

20 Rocketing Off to a Record
Aimed like guided missiles down an Alpine glacier, the world's fastest skiers exceed 100 mph

22 The Grit of Mr. Fisk
Perfectly bred to his arduous craft, Boston's All-Star catcher is resolute and ready

26 Olly as in Jolly
Sailors in the first around-Hawaii race received an exotic geography lesson—and plenty of hard knocks

32 Striking a Blow for Christ
Karate and religion are combined by a Baptist minister who drives home his teachings by shattering concrete

52 All the World's a Stage
And all the men and women—especially women—merely players. Just ask Bobby Riggs

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68 19th Hole

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