Oct. 29, 1973
Oct. 29, 1973

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Oct. 29, 1973

World Series
Now You Don't
No Longer Mighty
  • By Peter Carry

    Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell are giving their didactic all for lowly San Diego and lowly Seattle, but to date both coaches are standing immeasurably taller than their basketball teams

College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


5—Manny Millan
22—Neil Leifer
23—Walter Iooss Jr.
24—Neil Leifer (2), Fred Kaplan-Black Star
25—Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2), Walter Iooss Jr.
26—Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Neil Leifer (2), Herb Scharfman
27—Fred Keplan-Black Star
28,29—Melchior DiGiacomo
30, 31—Neil Leifer (4), John Iacono (3)
32—Wil Blanche
44—Jerry Cabluck
45—Carl Iwasaki
78—AP, London Express
95, 96—Melchior DiGiacomo
125—Scott Herron, Griffin's Studio

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