Dec. 24, 1973
Dec. 24, 1973

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Dec. 24, 1973

Bowl Games
  • By Robert F. Jones

    He is Jackie Stewart, the 1973 World Driving Champion, who has brought to his sport a combination of qualities unique in its history: a marvelous physical talent; the intelligence and perspective to be an eminent spokesman for auto racing; and the discipline to retire at the peak of his career, a simple yet infinitely complicated personal act that few celebrated athletes have ever achieved. It is for the sum of these characteristics that Stewart is named Sportsman of 1973, a year that offered two other distinguished candidates. One is Secretariat, the winner of the Triple Crown whose triumphs focused a degree of public attention on horse racing that it had not received in a quarter century. The other is O. J. Simpson of the struggling Buffalo Bills, who added his own special stimulation to the pro football season and set an example of spirit and perseverance for every professional athlete as he broke Jim Brown's alltime NFL rushing record.

The Power
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 The Juice Flowed On and On
O. J. Simpson broke Jim Brown's season rushing record, and that was only the beginning

This is an article from the Dec. 24, 1973 issue

30 Half of Big Red is Too Much
UCLA's Bill Walton sat out 21 minutes with four fouls, then rushed back in and destroyed N.C. State

32 Grr, Gate, Great!
Readying for his rematch with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali is—you'd never guess—sparring with guard dogs

34 Everyone Likes To Be Bowled Over
While there may be flaws in the format, postseason games are usually exciting—and sometimes meaningful

42 Sportsman of the Year
Jackie Stewart displayed talent, intelligence and the discipline to quit at the peak of his career

The Caribbean

50 A photo essay on sport in the ebullient sun country
62 A tour of the canebrakes with a baseball superscout

70 Charles Goren's Christmas Bridge Quiz
Are long suits your strong suit? SI's bridge expert offers a test of your pre-emptive bidding skills

80 The Power and the Glory
Coming off a strange year, heavyweight boxing's best and near best could be cooking up a storm for 1974

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19 Scorecard
69 People
70 Bridge
76 College Basketball
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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The Next Issue
(dated Jan. 7, 1974)

The countdown to Super Bowl VIII continues as the IV divisional playoff champs run, pass, kick (and fumble?) to determine the II finalists. Tex Maule and Ron Reid report.

'Tis the season for holiday tournaments, and Barry McDermott covers one of college basketball's best, the Quaker City, where surprising Cincy and tough Penn are favored.

New Year's eve comes up with the college football champion as Alabama and Notre Dame battle in the Sugar Bowl. John Underwood is there to see which will have the happier.