Dec. 24, 1973
Dec. 24, 1973

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Dec. 24, 1973

Bowl Games
  • By Robert F. Jones

    He is Jackie Stewart, the 1973 World Driving Champion, who has brought to his sport a combination of qualities unique in its history: a marvelous physical talent; the intelligence and perspective to be an eminent spokesman for auto racing; and the discipline to retire at the peak of his career, a simple yet infinitely complicated personal act that few celebrated athletes have ever achieved. It is for the sum of these characteristics that Stewart is named Sportsman of 1973, a year that offered two other distinguished candidates. One is Secretariat, the winner of the Triple Crown whose triumphs focused a degree of public attention on horse racing that it had not received in a quarter century. The other is O. J. Simpson of the struggling Buffalo Bills, who added his own special stimulation to the pro football season and set an example of spirit and perseverance for every professional athlete as he broke Jim Brown's alltime NFL rushing record.

The Power
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Boxers have motivated themselves by doing any number of odd things before a fight. Lou Nova, for instance, trained partly at the feet of a fakir called Oom the Omnipotent. But the strangest system yet has to be Muhammad Ali's. He has taken to warding off the terrible thrusts of guard dogs at his training camp in Deer Lake, Pa. This—and the cougar that comes next—he says will expurgate any fear that might be lurking somewhere in his subconscious. In his conscious, of course, is the gate he hopes to attract to his January rematch with Joe Frazier, first bout in what may become a memorable heavyweight year (page 80). The fun, as Ali's $2,000 German shepherd Shadow seems to know, has just begun.

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