Jan. 28, 1974
Jan. 28, 1974

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Jan. 28, 1974

After 88
Bob Arum
College Basketball


18 After 88 Comes Zero
That is the arithmetic of basketball as Notre Dame rises up to end UCLA's wondrous winning streak

This is an article from the Jan. 28, 1974 issue

22 Johnny Miller, Killer-Diller
But another streak grows even longer as golf's young hero posts an unheard-of triple

24 Marcello Was No Fiasco
Lover, film buff, wild man, world-record holder, Marcello Fiasconaro excelled in all categories in Los Angeles

26 Moscow Memo: Don't Get Byrned
Boris Spassky begins his chess title comeback facing a scholarly—and unintimidated—American

34 The Man with a Package
Come what may in the Ali-Frazier fight, Promoter Bob A rum, a true boxing heavyweight, will be around at the finish

40 The Hound and the Hammer
Those ominous names belong to two hockey heavies who have helped keep the Philadelphia Flyers aloft

58 No Shadows on the Beach
Palmas del Mar, a vast new resort, is rising in Puerto Rico. One backdrop: the season's new swimsuits

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13 Scorecard
46 People
48 College Basketball
53 Skiing
76 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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Next week

Can Muhammad? Will Joe? A rip-off or a rip-up? Has time told? If so, what? Ali and Frazier will do the fighting, and Mark Kram will recount the answers at the grudge rematch.

Fresh, and men, too, courtfuls of first-term basketball players make their college teams big winners. Reporting this major trend, Curry Kirkpatrick assesses the freshest.

Sea dogs of the Southern circuit say fill 'er up to the gods of the winds as they embark upon the winter's first-rank ocean-racing series. A sampler in color of wave and sail.