18 The Last 16 Are at the Post
College basketball's best, including N.C. State, Notre Dame and the champ, UCLA, approach the NCAAs

24 He'd Rather Be Red than Rich
Darling of Cuba, dream of fight promoters, heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson spurns the Yankee dollar

26 Familiar Faces in New Places
As scores of traded baseball players make new beginnings, some of the notables speak their minds

34 Having a Ball with the ABA
Commissioner Mike Storen has been telling his owners they should have faith—faith enough to land Bill Walton

42 Slaughter on South Island
With meat hunters blasting them from helicopters, New Zealand deer face the same fate as the American bison

68 McAdoo About Something
The Buffalo Braves made shrewd trades, drafted well and their big man is dominating the NBA stat sheets

74 And Along Came Ruth
The man who would become a sporting god launches his home-run assault. Part one of a series

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13 Scorecard
53 Tennis
62 Pro Football
68 Pro Basketball
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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