March 25, 1974
March 25, 1974

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March 25, 1974

Pit And Pray
Sporting Look
College Basketball
  • ...and proud of it, young Frank Torres will challenge the top shooters in the world, men with all kinds of wizardry up their satin sleeves

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 A Dynasty Imperiled
Montreal's hockey magnificence is becoming a memory as fans and foes beset the stumbling Canadiens

This is an article from the March 25, 1974 issue

24 Down and Out, Back and Ready
David Thompson was hurt, but N.C. State won. So did UCLA. For the record, Marquette and Kansas also survived

28 Pull Over, Pull In and Pray
Wings clipped and fuel cut for the California 500, Indy-type racers found that the stops spell danger

34 His Fight Plan Is a Planter's Punch
Ken Norton seeds a mental victory garden, but champion George Foreman is likely to be the grim reaper

40 Hit Opening in New York
Joining the Yankees, Babe Ruth speeds into the record book and, one fine day, into jail. Part 2 of a series

64 Hot Pants for Cold Skaters
For years they froze while others warmed up in style, but now there are angles to cover the spangles

80 Power and Light on a Lonely Land
The Alaska pipeline will stretch to the margins of the earth, a hot line for man

The departments

15 Scorecard
60 Hockey
64 Sporting Look
66 College Basketball
73 Golf
76 Billiards
97 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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Next week

The rematch between UCLA and N.C. State should settle the NCAA championship, though Marquette and Kansas may have other ideas. Curry Kirkpatrick reports.

The red sox have a cast of thousands on the mound but, with Luis Aparicio not getting any younger, a host of questions out at shortstop. Pat Putnam looks for the answers.

It was love at first sight and big-time TV stations were begging Frank Deford to be their sports commentator. But at second sight.... Tune in for a replay of the auditions.