April 08, 1974
April 08, 1974

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April 8, 1974

Buenas Noches
New Wrinkle
Baseball '74
The World's Greatest
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Buenas Noches, Senor
There were tax troubles before, money troubles after, but in between Foreman kept his title in the bank

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24 Anybody Here Want the Derby?
Nobody seems to. The colts in Florida are inconsistent, and the Flamingo winner may not even go to Kentucky

26 Schussing Along Side by Side
For years amateurs raced against the clock, but the new dual course system is fast making strides

28 New Wrinkle for Some Old Faces
Drenched in nostalgia, we were ready for it in tennis. So here are all those great old guys, competing again

36 Our Finny Friends Are Junkies
Because sea creatures love debris, some of today's hot fishing spots resemble a neighborhood car dump

Baseball 1974

46 Henry Aaron is on deck, poised for the golden moment
48 Photographs recapture the Rose-Harrelson playoff flare-up



76 Bobby Bonds, already superb, intends to shock us all

100 The World's Greatest
That extravagant circus boast is precisely correct when used to describe Tito Gaona, king of the trapeze

The departments

16 Scorecard
85 People
86 Basketball
90 Wrestling
92 Bridge
95 Hockey
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

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Next week

Baseball leads off with aces on the mound and Aaron on the mind in the first blaze of the season's action. A report on The Quest and other highlights of opening week.

The masters gets a satirical once-over from Artist Arnold Roth, after which Roy Blount Jr. scouts Augusta and relates how the annual doings affect the lives of the townsfolk.

The wild wet run in the canyons and rapids of the Rio Grande's desolate Big Bend was for scientific observation. Writer Edwin Shrake was asked along for the ride.