Augusta In Arnold's Looking Glass

April 15, 1974
April 15, 1974

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April 15, 1974

Glorious Ordeal
No Small World
Aaron Banks
Big Bend
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

Augusta In Arnold's Looking Glass

No golf tournament in the world combines the rich traditions, the sense of decorum or the solemnity of the Masters. All week long the ambience is ceremonial, from the champion's dinner on Tuesday to the awarding of the winner's green jacket on Sunday evening. In keeping with the dignity of the event, Arnold (a grand old name) Roth, an artist celebrated for his reverence for propriety, was sent to Augusta to record his impressions, the results of which appear on the next four pages. After that, a look at how the local folks feel about the annual doings at the west end of town.

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ILLUSTRATIONOne blade of grass a fraction too longILLUSTRATIONThe international driving rangeILLUSTRATIONAn impartial galleryILLUSTRATIONThe fairways of AugustaILLUSTRATIONThe waters of AugustaILLUSTRATIONThe woods of AugustaTWO ILLUSTRATIONS