28 The Cannon Takes Aim
A booming triumph in a tumultuous Kentucky Derby gave Cannonade a leg up on horse racing's Triple Crown

34 They're Centers of Attention
Basketball's best pivotmen—the Bucks' Abdul-Jabbar and the Celtics' Cowens—are deciding the NBA showdown

36 Singly Feeble but Double Trouble
Frew McMillan and Bob Hewitt are two of the lesser lights on the pro tour, but together they are killers

42 Rhubarbs, Hassles and Other Hazards
Alvin Dark writes of the reckless joys of playing baseball and the joyous perils of managing

54 Don't Go Near the Water? Phooey!
Serious rowing used to be for men who liked to suffer, but more and more women are getting into the shell game

62 Shorten the Tour, Improve the Game
Jack Nicklaus offers some ideas to intensify competition, please sponsors and upgrade golf on an international level

88 Lord in the Pits
The royalty of Grand Prix racing, he shuns sponsors and serves his crew strawberries and champagne

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18 Scorecard
69 People
70 Baseball
74 Bridge
77 Fishing
80 Soccer
84 Hockey
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Jerry Cooke


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