16 Start in Back and Attack
In the ninth row at the start, Johnny Rutherford tracked down A. J. Foyt to win a classic Indy

20 Putting Some Cuffs on the Fists
As less robust teams emulate Philadelphia's pugnacity, the NHL moves to prevent fisticuffs from ruining the game

22 Still Alive and Kicking
Ralph Honk has exchanged pinstripes for Tiger stripes, but he has yet to sharpen a team long in the tooth

24 Gold to Ivory, Ashes for Tony
Unappreciated sprinter Ivory Crockett proved his world record no fluke, but celebrated Tony Waldrop staggered

28 Montreal's Motto: Have Fun
Novel ideas on how to make the Olympics, well, enjoyable, have the city and its peppy mayor looking to '76

40 The Film-Flam Men
The mystery about sports movies isn't Who Dun It so much as why, and how come they dun it so badly

58 He Took the British for a Ride
An American wheeler-dealer raided England of a wealth of sporting art and turned a pretty—$15 million—profit

The departments

13 Scorecard
46 Baseball
52 Hockey
54 Box Lacrosse
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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