14 Hitters of Singular Skill
Getting to first base is the real goal of baseball's splendid throwbacks, whose leader is Rod (.400 this year?) Carew

18 Hello There, Mr. Malone, What's New?
Moses Malone, the much-wooed basketball prospect, gets a scholarship, a job—and a Chrysler Imperial

20 Setting the Stage for a Showdown
Continents apart, middle-distance runners Rick Wohlhuter and Filbert Bayi prepare for a record-breaking summer

22 Hard Sell For Some Hard Knocks
Jerry Quarry sold a lot of people on the notion that he was a changed man, but Joe Frazier didn't buy

26 Each Round You Are One Day Older
Arnold Palmer reflects on where he's been and where he's going—and what age has done to his game

32 The Cup That Grips the World
To the better part of the globe, soccer's World Cup is merely a matter of life or death

50 A False Spring
The bonus pitcher dreams of major league glory—and soon encounters grim minor league reality

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11 Scorecard
40 People
42 Baseball
44 Golf
46 Rowing
48 Horse Racing
63 For the Record
64 19th Hole

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