8 An Ace Came Out of the Pack
Uphill and down wheeled the seven-day Tour of the Sierra, second-longest bike race in U.S. history

12 Stormy Debut for the Cup
First racing trials for the new U.S. boats sent one of them back to its builder and gave another anxious moments

14 Warning: Dangerous Slurves Ahead
That's the pitch from Atlanta's league-leading Buzz Capra and his surprising mound colleagues

16 In Defense of the Competitive Urge
Vice-President Gerald Ford recalls his days as a lineman and coach and ponders the current state of sport

24 Ring of Bright Marbles
On the hot, flat Jersey sands it was a time for reverie, as children knuckled down for a national championship

28 Reprieve for a Madman
Continuing his journey, the bonus pitcher has fits of wildness—and rage—followed by a glimmer of hope

52 Haunting the Arctic
On a trek toward the polar seas, six adventurers pursue the shades of a 19th century British expedition

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5 Scorecard
36 TV/Radio
38 Baseball
44 Pro Football
49 Golf
63 For the Record
64 19th Hole

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