July 15, 1974
July 15, 1974

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July 15, 1974

Love And Money
Grand Occasion
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 For Love and Money
Jimmy and Chris, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Connors, had themselves a ball at Wimbledon

This is an article from the July 15, 1974 issue

20 Bang-Bang Drama at Daytona
David Pearson used a dicey move to shake Richard Petty from his tail and win the Firecracker 400

22 A Gutbuster to Gotham
Unfazed by cruel sea and sneaky gremlins, Bob Magoon shattered the Miami-to-New York powerboat record

24 Rising to the Grand Old Occasion
As baseball warmed to the Fourth, Boston and Baltimore responded with a beaut of a brawl

28 Chasing Summer Blues
Nothing is safe in a bluefish's path—not other bluefish, not careless seabirds, not even fishermen

36 Requiem for a Fastball
Completing his baseball odyssey, the bonus pitcher comes to grief among reptiles and roaches

60 4 Minutes and 20 Years
Two decades after running the first four-minute mile, Roger Bannister is still famous—and controversial

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13 Scorecard
47 People
48 Baseball
50 Chess
54 Bridge
57 Pro Football
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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Next week

A master thief is St. Louis' Lou Brock, whose run at the historic base-stealing record of Maury Wills—104—is discombobulating opposing batteries while inspiring the Cardinals.

Peeling the orange, West Germany stunned Holland in the World Cup. Clive Gammon assesses the match, and action photographs show why the game transfixes millions.

LOUISIANA PURCHASE—what hath sport wrought and what has the state bought? Confronted by the Superdome rising in downtown New Orleans, one can only wonder.