July 22, 1974
July 22, 1974

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July 22, 1974

British Open
America's Cup
  • But the Cardinals' Lou Brock would hate to tarry at first base for any length of time. For the master thief of the majors—a man running at Maury Wills' base-stealing record—it is but a spot from which to torment pitchers before he flies off to a place he prefers, one closer to home

Harness Racing
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


7—Tony Triolo
18, 19—Walter Iooss Jr.
20—Gerry Cranham
21—Walter Iooss Jr.
22—John D. Hanlon
24, 25—Lane Stewart
26, 27—Cor Mooij, Guus de Jong
28—Wilfried Witters-Sport Presse, Cor Mooij
32, 33—John Iacono, Eric Schweikardt (2)
34—Eric Schweikardt
44—AGIP-Pictorial Parade, London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade
49—Herb Scharfman
56—Bill Eppridge
60—John Iacono
85—John Marconi (1)

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