14 Making a Match Point
Chris Evert aced Miss Musket, the pride of the West, in a $350,000 winner-take-all race

18 And Then Things Were Putt in Order
The leaders in the Women's Open were bumbling around until Sandra Haynie settled matters with two strokes

20 Summer of Their Discontent
A visit to the champion Dolphins' camp shows that a strike is no picnic—for pickets or players

22 Whooping It Up with the Indians
It has been years since Cleveland was on the warpath. Now it is a contender again, and the natives are restless

26 Women in Sport: A Progress Report
The SI series that won magazine journalism's top award is updated and the changes in just a year are astonishing

32 Shrewdest Rube Around
Del Miller, who does about everything there is to do in harness racing, may look like a hick—but he ain't

60 These Men, This Coach
The Steelers were talking Super Bowl last season, but it turned out to be idle chatter. Part I of a series

The departments

10 Scorecard
44 Baseball
49 Basketball
50 Track & Field
52 Hockey
54 Boomeranging
58 Bridge
72 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.


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Geniuses at work—and play. Killer whales now prove their extraordinary intelligence by performing exacting tasks for the U.S. Navy as well as hamming it up at oceanariums.