Oct. 28, 1974
Oct. 28, 1974

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Oct. 28, 1974

  • By George A. Gipe

    In the early days of pro baseball, playing—or even watching—a game on the Sabbath was as reprehensible as calling a woman's limb a leg

Clowns' Crown
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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


24 Triple Crown for the Clowns
Harlequins they seemed, but the gaudy A's pounced on Dodger errors to win their third straight World Series

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28 Ancient Age and His Pal Whiskey
At 40, Sonny Jurgensen has replaced roommate Bill Kilmer and led the Redskins to another big win

30 A Bell Ringer for Goolagong
This is the year that her coach predicted would be Evonne's real coming-out, and the chimes are sounding

32 Cut 'n Run Versus the Big Gun
Ali says he is razor-sharp, which discloses his strategy against the power of champion George Foreman

Pro Basketball 1974/1975

40 Off on the Wrong Foot
42 The Sky Hook—Stop-Action Photographs
47 Havlicek—The Green Running Machine
60 Scouting Reports on the NBA and ABA

96 A Coming of Age
Secretariat ran his last race just one year ago, a fast finish to a career that had a relatively slow start

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