28 The Touchdown That Didn't Count
The final moments of Ohio State's upset by Michigan State will be chewed over by fans for years

32 A Quiet Man Makes the Bullets Zing
Wes Unseld's knees are good again. Nobody talks about him, but the Bullets are vandalizing the NBA Central

34 Bumper Year for a Robust Crop
There are more rookies in the NFL this season than ever before, and some of them are playing superbly

40 A Football Odyssey
Ron Fimrite takes in three big football games in 48 hours and rediscovers the enthusiasms of his youth

54 End of Salad Days for Bluefin Tuna
Laws recently passed to protect the decimated Atlantic schools may be too late to save the giant fish

72 Ten Tons, and Then Some
Horsepulling is an old and honorable sport and still a way of life in a few sections of the country

100 Lady with a Lock on Life
Even after years of eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth battles, Fabulous Moolah remains the belle of the brawl

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62 College Football
80 Horse Racing
85 Boating
92 Hunting
117 For the Record
120 19th Hole

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