Windows on the world of basketball are Artist Tom Allen's way of viewing some of last year's top teams, all of whom should be strong again. One is UCLA, which has brought nine NCAA titles to Westwood. Coach Wooden ponders getting a leg up on another

More than fans were streaking at Kansas, and cheerleaders were not the only high flyers on Mt. Oread. The Jayhawks won the Big Eight and seem a cinch to repeat.

All roads in the Atlantic Coast Conference lead to the league's postseason tournament, a bedlam of Southern-fried interstate and intrastate rivalries. Last year's final matched the red and white of both Maryland and soon-to-be NCAA champion North Carolina State. The same colors should predominate this year, but the predictable seldom occurs in this hothouse of uproar and upset.

Fred (The Fox) Snowden came from Detroit to plant bigger players amid Arizona cacti. Big crowds followed.