Dec. 23, 1974
Dec. 23, 1974

Table of Contents
Dec. 23, 1974

No Shuffle
Bowled Over
Way To Go
From Here
Sportsman Of The Year
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12—Lynn Pelham, Mark Kauffman, Herb Scharfman
24, 25—Tony Tomsic, Walter Iooss Jr.
26, 27—Dan Baliotti
32, 33—Ben Rose, Neil Leifer (3), Herb Scharfman-LIFE, Rich Clarkson, Fred Kaplan-Black Star, John G. Zimmerman, Stan Wayman-LIFE
42, 43—Hy Peskin, Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer (2)
44, 45—Neil Leifer
46, 47—Walter Iooss Jr., Neil Leifer (3)
48, 49—Carl Iwasaki
50, 51—Neil Leifer, AP (31, Herb Scharfman
52, 53—New York Daily News, Walter Iooss Jr., Neil Leifer (2), AP
54, 55—AP, Mark Kauffman, UPI, Walter Iooss Jr., Jean Launois, Bob Olen-New York Yankees, John G. Zimmerman
56, 57—James R. Root
58, 59—Rich Clarkson, John G. Zimmerman, Walter Iooss Jr., Carl Iwasaki
60, 61—Andy Keech
62, 63—AP, Neil Leifer (5)
64, 65—Aldo Durazzi
66, 67—Herb Scharfman, Sheedy & Long
68, 69—Walter Iooss Jr., Neil Leifer, Ben Winnert
72—Heinz Kluetmeier, Tony Triolo, Stephen Green-Armytage, Walter Iooss Jr. (2), Carl Iwasaki
86, 87—Tony Triolo, John G. Zimmerman, Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr.
88, 89—Tony Triolo, Eric Schweikardt (2), John G. Zimmerman
105—Dick Garrett-Columbus Citizen Journal (1)

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