May 19, 1975
May 19, 1975

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May 19, 1975

Stanley Cup
Speeding Off
There There
  • By Barbara La Fontaine

    More people than ever are checking out the special exhilarations of rock climbing, but what is of real significance is that so many established climbers have turned to the purer discipline of climbing clean. Rather than hammer pitons into sheer walls, they rely on nuts and tiny wedges of aluminum, some no larger than a thumbnail, tucked into existing cracks—thus leaving the rock as unscarred as they found it.

Tough Man
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


8—Anthony Donna and Manny Millan
25—Jerry Cooke
26, 27—Enrico Ferorelli, Lane Stewart
28, 29—Heinz Kluetmeier (4), Fred Kaplan-Black Star
32, 33—Fred Kaplan-Black Star
44, 45—Sheedy & Long
52—John Iacono
54—Philadelphia Inquirer
62—John D. Hanlon
70, 71—Neil Leifer
72-74—Ellen Griesedieck

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