24 The Eye of the Storm
In the playoffs, says Reggie Jackson, the bats are shorter, the bases farther apart
by Ron Fimrite

30 The Sack Put it in the Bag
What the Giants could have used in their offensive line was the Lincoln Memorial
by Dan Jenkins

32 Rush Hour in the City
The traffic in downtown Long Beach was moderate but moving—at 170 mph
by Robert F. Jones

40 A Part of the Game
"Can you feel this?" the trainer asked the boy. The answer was no
by John M. Barry

54 Cool and Cornpone
Welcome to Watkins Glen, where those racers smarm and the Bog beasts swarm
by Robert F. Jones

112 Whatta Babe!
She was almost all there was to cheer about in 1932—and oh how they cheered
by William Oscar Johnson and Nancy Williamson

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Next Week

The deadliest games in baseball are the playoff openers. You sweep, split or die. Ron Fimrite is at Fenway for the A's-Red Sox, Ray Kennedy at Riverfront for the Reds-Bucs.

The liveliest feet in college football belong to the field-goal kickers who are booting them in record numbers—and at record distances. John Underwood records their feats.