Oct. 27, 1975
Oct. 27, 1975

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Oct. 27, 1975

Stormy Series
Field Goals
Pro Basketball 1975-1976
College Football


16 Not on the Up and Up
Biased officiating and hostility toward the U.S. marked the Pan-Am Games in Mexico
by Kenny Moore

This is an article from the Oct. 27, 1975 issue

20 The Series Storms On
The gusts of controversy in Cincinnati were followed by gouts of rain in Boston
by Ron Fimrite

24 Having a Field Day
The college kids are booting three-pointers record distances and in record numbers
by John Underwood

Pro Basketball 1975-1976

30 This season starts, says Curry Kirkpatrick, with familiar people in unfamiliar places

32 Pat Putnam recalls Golden State's stunning upset of the Bullets in the NBA finals

38 Meet George McGinnis, a large ABA plum plucked by the NBA. By Jerry Kirshenbaum

46 Who'll win what? Complete scouting reports on all the teams in both leagues

92 Are You a Failure?
Tired of being trod on? Want to get a kick out of life? Just mail away for...
by J. D. Reed

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13 Scorecard
60 TV/Radio
65 College Football
75 Horse Racing
84 Tennis
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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Next Week

If Rawly Eastwick III met a gorilla, what would he do? Why, the Reds' reliever would wrestle him. George Plimpton gleaned that and other revelations from the World Series bullpens.

Football fever rages as the baseball season slogs to a close. John Underwood is on hand to see if undefeated USC and red-hot Running Back Ricky Bell can ice archrival Notre Dame.