Nov. 03, 1975
Nov. 03, 1975

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Nov. 3, 1975

World Series 1975
  • For sustained drama few could equal it. Boston's glorious Game 6 still hung in the air as Cincinnati squeezed through to win a very special World Series

  • GAME 6 22

    It was the thriller by which those of the future must be measured, with the Red Sox first lifted up, then dashed down and finally made victors by two storybook home runs

Bell Toils
Grand Old Game
Pro Football
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


World Series 1975

This is an article from the Nov. 3, 1975 issue

20 Ron Fimrite recounts Cincinnati's victory in a memorable seven-game struggle

22 That game of games, the sixth, is illuminated in pictures of its stimulating moments

28 Spotted at a bullpen vantage point, George Plimpton presents a unique report

38 For Whom the Bell Toils
USC workhorse Ricky Bell carried the ball 40 times as the Trojans beat Notre Dame
by John Underwood

42 Learning an Old Game
In growing numbers, Golden State kids are getting kicks from the world's favorite sport
Photographed by Bill Eppridge

77 The Fortune Cookie Smiled
New York couldn't find Wilt, but came up with a big find instead
by Pat Putnam

80 Thickets on a Skyline
A camper at Canada's Fort Enterprise is awed as a wondrous herd goes by
by Bil Gilbert

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89 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John Iacono


Next Week

Here's Fran Tarkenton and the Minnesota Vikings about to face the Packers and carrying a cozy lead at the season's halfway point. Dan Jenkins is in Green Bay for the chilling fray.

There's Bedlam each summer in the Pribilofs with seals barking and roaring, but Bil Gilbert finds the lunacy is in man's relations with the animals and the factors that decide their fate.