22 The Best of Them All
It he's not now, Fran Tarkenton will be, for he's closing in on Johnny U's records
by Dan Jenkins

26 The Golden Secretariats
Two of the great runner's first crop test the money market as mere weanlings
by William F. Reed

28 No Lowdown Blues
The Jazz has a new home and the Pistol has everyone fired up in New Orleans
by Joe Jares

30 Plainly Stated, Nebraska
Will the rampaging Cornhuskers be No. 1? Is Charlie Winkler the No. 1 fan?
by Douglas S. Looney

38 Flat Out on the Flats
Don Vesco rolled off on threadbare tires and wheeled home with a world record
by Coles Phinizy

44 A Salty Genius
Boatbuilder and sailor, Bob Derecktor can be a peppery wave-maker as well
by Roger Vaughan

96 A Marvel, A Madness
The mist-shrouded rookery of the Pribilot seals is a target of contention
by Bil Gilbert

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18 Scorecard
58 Fishing
66 College Football
73 Judo
79 Pool
82 Motor Sports
88 Hockey
94 Bridge
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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