Nov. 24, 1975
Nov. 24, 1975

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Nov. 24, 1975

Golden Goal
Hudson High
Football's Week
Hang Gliding
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Gold is the Goal
A U.S.S.R. national basketball team readies for the Olympics by touring the U.S.
by Joe Jares

This is an article from the Nov. 24, 1975 issue

26 One More Hart Attack Victim
Coming from behind in the last few seconds is the St. Louis life-style
by Dan Jenkins

28 Meet the Strangers
A purge made it hard for New York hockey fans to tell the players without a program
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

30 The Runners' Game
Records set by this season's ball-carrying marvels will not be broken until next
by Larry Keith

38 A Cheer for Hudson High
In this thrilling episode, a Michigan school out-Jack Armstrongs the radio fiction
by Douglas S. Looney

44 One Game Makes a Season
An artist's view of collegiate football's portentous rivalry, Ohio State-Michigan
by Allan Mardon

50 In the Way of Progress
When the Army Corps of Engineers arrived, North Bonneville stood its ground
by Richard W. Johnston

90 Those Were the Days
This year's Open at Forest Hills as viewed through the eyes of yesterday's stars
by George Plimpton

The Departments

19 Scorecard
65 TV/Radio
68 College Football
74 Hunting
78 Golf
85 Hang Gliding
111 For the Record
113 19th Hole

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Next Week

College Basketball '75-'76 promises to be a banner season from its Indiana vs. UCLA start to the finish in Philly. Scouting reports preview the Top 20, goodies among the rest, the small colleges and women's teams, and Barry McDermott profiles the best and brassiest guard. Plus college football's biggest weekend of the season and an informal history of the defunct WFL.

This is an article from
the Nov. 24, 1975 issue