Dec. 01, 1975
Dec. 01, 1975

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Dec. 1, 1975

Los Angeles Rams
College Football
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Battles for Bowls

This is an article from the Dec. 1, 1975 issue

14 John Underwood examines Ohio State's come-from-behind win over Michigan
18 A reversal of roles enabled Oklahoma to swamp Nebraska, says Larry Keith

20 The Need to Act on PCB
The man-made chemical compound now emerges as a nationwide health hazard
by Robert H. Boyle

22 For Real in Fantasyland
The Los Angeles Rams have stripped the show biz veneer and other handicaps by Dan Jenkins

College Basketball 1975-76

30 It will be a banner season, from starry opener to flag-waving finish in Philly
37 Barry McDermott profiles the best of the do-everything guards, John Lucas
42 Scouting reports rate the Top 20, best of the rest, small colleges and women

84 The Day the Money Ran Out
When the moribund WFL finally expired, its wake brought regrets and some laughs
by William Oscar Johnson

The Departments

9 Scorecard
67 College Football
72 Boxing
79 Pro Basketball
97 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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Next Week

The eyes of Texas and a lot of other places will be on the shoot-out between the Longhorns and Aggies, which could decide who spends New Year's in the Cotton Bowl. By Edwin Shrake.

A dream game opens the college basketball season as Indiana and UCLA, the nation's two best teams, meet. Barry McDermott reports on what may be a preview of the March NCAA finals.