Dec. 08, 1975
Dec. 08, 1975

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Dec. 8, 1975

It Wasn't Close
New Colts
College Basketball
College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 It Wasn't Even Close
Indiana made a shambles of what was supposed to be a taut opener with UCLA
by Barry McDermott

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26 The Aggies Bag a Biggie
Undefeated Texas A&M gunned down Texas for the first time since 1967
by Edwin Shrake

28 The New Colts Are Frisky
General Manager Joe Thomas' horse trades are finally riding high for Baltimore
by Mark Mulvoy

36 The Pall Over Kentucky
Rumors of drug usage and point shaving ruined the Wildcats' football season
by John Underwood and Morton Sharnik

46 Facing the Cold Facts
The focus is on warmth and things that work as skiers suit up for the slopes
by Jule Campbell

52 Prey of Fleeting Intimacy
A woodcock hunter tries to get a grip on an ancient shotgun and his own thoughts
by Mason Smith

86 From the Land of Cotton
Miss Willye B. White's roots are still in the South but her fame is Olympian
by Pat Jordan

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17 Scorecard
64 TV/Radio
67 College Basketball
71 College Football
79 Cross-Country
82 Surfing
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Next Week

Been down too long, says George Foreman, as he looks back at past mistakes, gives his version of the fiasco in Zaïre and warns Muhammad Ali that he wants his championship back.

A lost legend is Hank Luisetti, who single-handedly revolutionized basketball in the 1930s and is now forgotten. Ron Fimrite recalls the originator of the shot that shook the Establishment.