Dec. 15, 1975
Dec. 15, 1975

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Dec. 15, 1975

Bad Boy
Shrinking ABA
The Old Man
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 The Bad Boy Who Went Good
After an official spanking, Ilie Nastase spanked the field at the Masters
by Clive Gammon

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18 Arkansas' Aggie Joke
Seems like Texas A&M was on its way to the Cotton Bowl when it met this Hog...
by Edwin Shrake

20 Captain Korn Used His Head
After three overtimes enroute to the NCAA soccer finals, San Francisco won a rout
by Sam Moses

22 The Shrinking ABA
First-rate talent has not bought solvency. The last hope now is merger
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 Old Man and the Bay
Walter Stack, at 67, runs' and swims the San Francisco area like the kid he isn't
by Dan Levin

40 He Did It Singlehandedly
Hank Luisetti, the man who revolutionized basketball, is a forgotten hero
by Ron Fimrite

80 Man, Big George Is Back
No more blues in the night. He's up again—and ready to go after Muhammad Ali
by George Foreman with Edwin Shrake

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9 Scorecard
36 Skiing
55 Nature
63 College Basketball
68 Pro Football
74 Hockey
91 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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The sportsman of the year is honored in our year-end issue, which also features pro football's climactic games; Robert Cantwell's salute to sport in colonial America; Frank Deford's beeootiful bow to the Great Sports Banquet in the Sky; recollections of a Yuletide angling holiday in Africa; a bridge quiz with a hand for each of the 12 days of Christmas; and previews of the bowls.