Dec. 22, 1975
Dec. 22, 1975

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Dec. 22, 1975

Pro Football
My Kinda Guy


26 Spurring the NFL Horses
A pair of cool-headed quarterbacks made winners of the Colts and Cowboys
by Mark Mulvoy and Dan Jenkins

This is an article from the Dec. 22, 1975 issue

32 Birds of an Odd Feather
Atlanta's triumphant Hawks are a singular amalgam of old and young talent
by Curry Kirkpatrick

34 A Bearing on the Bowls
How the selections got bollixed up and who looks the best down the line
by John Underwood and Larry Keith

44 Sportsman of the Year
In a season in which baseball gave 110%, it is the man who gives 110% to baseball
by Ron Fimrite

54 Sport in the Colonies
Prerevolutionary pastimes are delineated in the diaries of English travelers
by Robert Cantwell

72 Legends in Their Times
They met in the Immortals' Lounge to honor the Sportsman of a Century past
by Frank Deford

90 God Rest You Merry
Far removed from home, two anglers spend a British Christmas in Kenya
by Nathan M. Adams

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18 Scorecard
84 Bridge
106 College Basketball
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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The men will be separated from the boys in pro football as eight teams battle it out in the playoffs. SI's traveling squad of Dan Jenkins, Mark Mulvoy, Edwin Shrake and Ron Reid will report.

The pros of the NHL will be facing off against the best "amateurs" that a very professional Soviet system can produce. Mark Mulvoy toured the Moscow hockey factories for a preview.