March 01, 1976
March 01, 1976

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March 1, 1976

Local Color
College Basketball
  • Down but far from out, Gretchen Spruance righted herself to beat Barbara Maltby and win the U.S. women's title in Philadelphia, where the talk was of the game's word-of-mouth explosion

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 One-Nighter in San Juan
The fight was ludicrous, but they came to see Ali, who far transcends his sport
by Mark Kram

This is an article from the March 1, 1976 issue

18 Preview in Sneakers
Golden State was glowing after defeating Boston, which it may meet in the playoffs
by Curry Kirkpatrick

20 A Big League Picnic
Baseball's stars had a softball bash that was clinkers to errors to not a chance

22 Done in by the Other Kiwi
John Walker's countryman Rod Dixon beat Filbert Bayi. But Montreal is months away
by Kenny Moore

26 Getting His Fill
Because restaurants leave him hungering, Rocky Aoki seeks high-speed satisfaction
by Mark Kram

30 Providing Local Color
Saltwater aquariums are all the rage in offices, split-levels and singles bars
by Rick Telander

56 Presenting: The Possum
...and the Possum Queen and the author judging possums for character and balance
by Roy Blount Jr.

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36 College Basketball
42 Squash
44 Boating
50 Cycling
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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Next Week

Blue-Chip boats on blue water make the Southern circuit winter's top ocean racing, and never has competition been more intense. Three-time SORC champion Carleton Mitchell reports.

Buffalo Bob runs and guns, then runs and guns some more. He is the Braves' Can-Do McAdoo, MVP in the NBA last season, leading scorer now and subject of a Curry Kirkpatrick profile.