March 01, 1976
March 01, 1976

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March 1, 1976

Local Color
College Basketball
  • Down but far from out, Gretchen Spruance righted herself to beat Barbara Maltby and win the U.S. women's title in Philadelphia, where the talk was of the game's word-of-mouth explosion

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Thomas W. Vanderschmidt
14, 15—Howard Bingham, Herb Scharfman, Harry Benson
16, 17—Howard Bingham, Herb Scharfman
18—Hank de Lespinasse
26—Eric Schweikardt, Anthony Edgeworth
31—Zig Leszczynski
32, 33—Zig Leszczynski (7), Lane Stewart
34—Lane Stewart, Zig Leszczynski (3)
36—Rich Clarkson
42—John Iacono
44—Julian Calder-Susan Griggs & Associates
50—map by William Bernstein
69—Bob Kalmbach, Lawrence, Kans. Journal-World

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