14 Reaching and Retching
The SORC's centerpiece race was beset by high winds, steep seas and a sinking
by Carleton Mitchell

18 Left in the Dirt
The competition saw only his heels when Honest Pleasure romped in the Flamingo
by William Leggett

20 Ho and Hum Play the Palace
Jimmy Connors trounced Manuel Orantes in Las Vegas as the world yawned
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 The Sting
A horseman's million-dollar caper puts him up there with Newman and Redford
by Gerald Strine

26 Shoot If You Must...
And Buffalo's Bob McAdoo, the leading scorer in the NBA, is one who must
by Curry Kirkpatrick

34 Like Father, Like Son
Two Haughtons—Billy, the legend, and Peter, his heir—drive harness horses
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

58 The Face of Pain
Athletes live with pain and scheme against it but, ironically, fans seldom notice
by Mark Kram

The Departments

11 Scorecard
42 College Basketball
44 Fencing
46 Baseball
48 TV/Radio
50 Table Tennis
52 Track & Field
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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