March 22, 1976
March 22, 1976

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March 22, 1976

Watery Grave
NCAA Preview
'Tennis Everyone'
College Basketball
The Winner
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Invitation to a Watery Grave
Most pros agree the 18th at Doral is the toughest finishing hole on the tour
by Dan Jenkins

This is an article from the March 22, 1976 issue

20 Saying It with Flowers
The front-running Canadiens, led by Guy Lafleur, are talking up another dynasty
by J. D. Reed

22 Making Sure of a Sure Thing
Pre-meet favorite Iowa was even better than predicted as it won the NCAA wrestling title
by Douglas S. Looney

24 Bumpy Road to Philly
To reach the NCAA semifinals, Indiana must beat two championship-caliber teams
by Barry McDermott

32 It's Tennis Everyone'
At least in the Austin family, and they have 400 tournament wins to prove it
by Curry Kirkpatrick

38 The Downtown Runaround
East side, West side, the Grand Prix cars will go all around Long Beach
by Robert F. Jones

58 The Winner Who Walked Away
An introspective survivor, ex-champion Phil Hill still feels racing's spell
by Pat Jordan

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12 Scorecard
44 TV/Radio
46 College Basketball
52 Boating
56 Tennis
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Next Week

Good as gold, the Nuggets have a mile-high lead in the ABA, outdraw almost everybody in the pros but labor unheralded outside Denver. Curry Kirkpatrick gives them their overdue due.

Mercy Sakes, good buddies, seems like there's new ways to have fun with those CB rigs other than baiting Smokey Bear. J. D. Reed relates how "ears" are changing some sports.