12 Four Heads, One Crown
Among the survivors of the NCAA regionals one will be king of the court
by Barry McDermott, Joe Jares, Kent Hannon and Larry Keith

18 A Prune Picker Wins a Plum
The lone Californian in the Congressional Cup race-offs did what he had to do: win
by Coles Phinizy

20 At Last, Spring Is Sprung
The camps opened and the crack of the fungo bat was heard in the land
by Douglas S. Looney

24 They Run and They Gun
And they're a mile high—but hardly a soul knows that Denver is tearing up the ABA
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 A Kingdom for My Horse
Winter Place Farm, with its chandeliers and statuary, is an equine Versailles
Photographs by Stephen Green-Armytage

36 The Call of the Wild
It is now being broadcast on 23 channels thanks, or maybe no thanks, to CB radio
by J. D. Reed

60 Ice Show Biz
Olympic skaters glide into the spotlight of entertainment to the delight of millions
by Frank Deford

The Departments

9 Scorecard
46 Harness Racing
51 College Basketball
55 Swimming
56 Tennis
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson


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