Bernard Fuchs, the artist whose impressions of Derby Day begin on the opposite page with a view of a solitary morning workout, is an occasional bettor. He was $50 ahead last year at Churchill Downs coming up to the last race. Shunning Sketch Maker as "corny," Fuchs put the 50 on Holloway's Mistake, one Tom Holloway being his agent. That was Fuchs' mistake. Sketch Maker paid $25.80. Fuchs went back to the drawing board.

In early morning all is calm as handlers and horses go about their time-honored activities, but the pulse quickens as the jockeys, those tiny giants, enter the saddling enclosure, mount up and follow the red-coated outriders onto the track.

Before a festive infield crowd the top 3-year-olds, in bright array, give the big race all they've got.