18 A Series with Sox
Boston won two games, lost a fracas and failed to make up ground on New York
by Larry Keith

22 Tale of Two Races
Steve Williams won a 100-meter showdown; Frank Shorter won the Marathon Trials
by Pat Putnam and Sarah Pileggi

26 A House Worth $220,000
On the last card of the Poker World Series, Texas Dolly filled his hand—and pockets
by Pat Putnam

36 Oh, To Be Young and Heavy
With Ali about to bow out, a fresh batch of heavyweights lines up for his crown
by Mark Kram

40 Caught in a Call Squall
Charlie Sullivan's incredible caller cost him friends, but he still could crow
by Bruce Newman

88 Goodby, Goodby, Mr. Chips
He started with a Frank Merriwell mix, and produced 1,000 ringers in a row
by William Hjortsberg

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71 Baseball
76 Horse Racing
80 Rowing
84 Hockey
103 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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Next Week

Tony Hulman commands, "Gentlemen, start your engines," and the 60th running of the Indianapolis 500 is under way. Sam Moses is on hand to see who gets the victor's quart of milk.

Jack Nicklaus requests the honour of your presence at Muirfield Village (designed by Jack) for a tournament (organized by Jack), a $200,000 event (to be won by Jack?). Dan Jenkins accepts.