20 Call Them Champs Again
Boston won an incredible game at home, then put Phoenix away for the NBA title
by Barry McDermott

24 Up, Up and Away
High jumper Dwight Stones set the world record, clearing 7'7" at the NCAAs
by Pat Putnam

26 Beans on the Fire
...and Bold Forbes on the pace. But it failed to cook him in the Belmont
by William Leggett

28 Shh! Phillies at Work
Front-running Philadelphia operates in an atmosphere of unusual calm
by Ron Fimrite

32 Open and Shut Case: It's Jones
Nicklaus is great, Hogan was greater, but Bobby Jones was greatest in the U.S. Open
by Frank Hannigan

44 Backpedaling into Cycling
A distinguished artist offers a trove of wildly unverified historical postcards
Illustrations by Edward Gorey

76 Appointment in Montreal
At 6 p.m. on July 31, Filbert Bayi and John Walker will run a long-awaited race
by Kenny Moore

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96 19th Hole

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