June 14, 1976
June 14, 1976

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June 14, 1976

Champs Again
The Phillies
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The postcards on these pages are a sampling of thousands, dealing with bicycling in all its variety, that were found in a stack of biscuit tins on an upper floor of an abandoned shoelace factory outside Eastitch, R.I. They are attributed to Dogear Wryde (flourished 1880-1914), who was obviously more than one person. Although many of the cards had passed through the mails, none of the messages are reproduced, as they had nothing to do with the reverse sides, or, indeed, with bicycling at all.

This is an article from the June 14, 1976 issue

The rescue of Sir Odo Fitzaddle from the top of Mount Radish.

Wheeled Death and (right) the discovery of Nesba Macsplosh's head.

The Crumpet-Fanlight Expedition: Capt. Mousegrave's fatal reconnaissance at Ulna Bay.

Monsieur Bandage-Hernaire taking the country air with his famous Unreflecting Bicycle.

Exploits of the Bicycle Bandit: The seizure of the Marchioness of Bunworry's emeralds.

Daffodil, who, according to her owner, Col. H. Proon, has, in fewer than 12 years, bitten over 17,000 cyclists in the ankle.

Celebrated Cycling Calamities No. 23: The Duke of Aught experiences a puncture on his way to the first performance in 178 years of "Crudele, Queen of Corinth."