June 28, 1976
June 28, 1976

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June 28, 1976

Great Pate
Bowie And Charlie
Good Times
Horse Racing
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 You Were Great, Jerry Pate
A 22-year-old rookie won the U.S. Open, the youngest to do so since Jack Nicklaus
by Dan Jenkins

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22 Canceling Charlie's Checks
When Bowie Kuhn voided the Sale of the Century, Finley was out $3.5 million
by Ron Fimrite

26 Good Times by the Cut-ups
A potent men's swimming squad took shape at the Olympic Trials in Long Beach
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

34 Across the Wide Missouri
Sporting America finds room to stretch as old Route 40 rolls on westward
by Bil Gilbert

42 Not So Sweet
Tennis' terrible-tempered Frank Fuhrer has a habit of making a big racket
by Myron Cope

72 After the Nightmare
A noted author tells how the lives of three Israelis were affected by the Munich tragedy
by E.L. Doctorow

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15 Scorecard
51 Baseball
56 Horse Racing
60 Cycling
64 Pro Basketball
68 Boxing
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next Week

In the far West U.S. track and field athletes turn the Trials into a rousing mini-Olympics of their own. Pat Putnam and Kenny Moore report on the nine days of action from Eugene, Ore.

In the far East a Japanese named Inoki comes to grips with Muhammad Ali for the world something-or-other title. Mark Kram will cover the $6-million rassler-boxer struggle in Tokyo.