July 05, 1976
July 05, 1976

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July 5, 1976

Flying Start
The Fight
The Farce
Bronx Boy
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 Marching on Montreal
A well-tuned group of U.S. track and field athletes earned a two-week trip to Canada by Pat Putnam and Kenny Moore

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16 It Shivered Their Timbers
The start of the tall ships' race down in Bermuda was a saltwater donnybrook

18 A Fight and a Farce

Carlos Monzon defends a crown against Rodrigo Valdez. Ray Kennedy reports
Muhammad Ali defends his left leg against Kanji Antonio Inoki. Mark Kram yawns

26 Wind Her Up and Hang On
Motorcycles and men often flip over making the grade in hillclimbing
by Sam Moses

30 A Trail to the Sea
Route 40 lades away slowly, but the spirit of pioneer Joe Walker refuses to die
by Bil Gilbert

60 Bronx Boy Makes Good
The portrait of an unemployed fireman with a burning desire to be an Olympian
by William Oscar Johnson

The Departments

6 Scorecard
42 Baseball
46 Wrestling
48 Cycling
53 Motor Sports
57 Swimming
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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Next Week

GOOD SHOW! is what they expect at Wimbledon, where the last round of play will be as blistering as the record heat that plagued the tournament's first week of action. Curry Kirkpatrick reports.

ACHTUNG! The East Germans are threatening to parade off with some Olympic medals that used to belong to the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Jerry Kirshenbaum examines this new sports dynasty.