The Montreal Olympics

14 At every venue there was brilliant action, but at home the prime-time concern was prettiness
by Frank Deford

18 The U.S. men and East German women had the Midas touch, turning water into gold
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

23 Monster Man and a monster righted the U.S. after a shaky start in track and field
by Pat Putnam

28 The world flipped over Nadia Comaneci, a sprite who made gymnastics child's play
by Frank Deford

31 Two big shots, Lanny Bassham and Margaret Murdock, had a resounding small-bore match
by Kenny Moore

36 An Uplifting Experience
More and more women are hefting weights—and they are lookin' good and for more competition
by Pat Jordan

56 Cutting the Mustard
A happy guide means more bonefish, so this pair of anglers kept Rudy stuffed with onions
by Clive Gammon

The Departments

10 Scorecard
42 Conservation
49 Baseball
52 Power Boating
54 Horse Racing
67 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer


Next Week

The Torch is extinguished at the Olympics' end, but not until more anthems play for victors in boxing, basketball, track and field, archery and yachting events. The staff wraps up the XXI Summer Games.

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