Aug. 09, 1976
Aug. 09, 1976

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Aug. 9, 1976

The Montreal Olympics
Boomer Sooner
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The Montreal Olympics

This is an article from the Aug. 9, 1976 issue

14 With world record upon world record, track and field athletes eloquently vindicated the Games
by Kenny Moore

18 For Bruce Jenner, winning the decathlon was preparation for an 11th event
by Frank Deford

24 U.S. boxers teed off on the favored Communists, punching out five golds, a silver and a bronze
by Pat Putnam

31 John Peterson was a wrestling champion, but brother Ben met a bear of a Soviet Teddy
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

33 As of old, this U.S. basketball team was too clever, too quick and too much for its foes
by Frank Deford

36 Superheavyweight lifter Alexeyev proved he is still boss by psyching everyone but his wife
by Anita Verschoth

37 Klaus Dibiasi, Italy's angel of the diving tower, ended his Olympic career on top of the world
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

38 A pair of American archery aces, Luann Ryon and Darrell Pace, drew a bull's-eye on gold
by Herman Weiskopf

38 Sailing away from the rat pack, Sweden's John Albrechtson breezed to a win in his Tempest
by Coles Phinizy

40 Presenting the XXI Olympiad's medal winners, all of them, from Ackermann to Zvegijn

54 Boomingest Sooner of All
A backwoods boy having a ripsnorting time, Barry Switzer enlivens Oklahoma football
by Ray Kennedy

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