Sept. 06, 1976
Sept. 06, 1976

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Sept. 6, 1976

She'd Rather Switch
New Boys
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Switch and Fight
Transsexual Dr. Renee Richards didn't win the Tennis Week Open but she did win some friends
by Ray Kennedy

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20 Little Things Mean a Lot
The Reds were masters of minutiae in a series with the Phillies that previewed the playoffs
by Ron Fimrite

22 You Betcha!
The NFL lost the first quarter of its court game to ban Delaware's pro football lottery
by Douglas S. Looney

24 Minnesota Ate Croatmeal
NASL brass hoped for a win by the Kicks, who had the right image, but Toronto took the title
by J. D. Reed

College Football 1976

26 A sort-of-semi-fictitious coach lists the game's many problems—and tells how to solve them
by John Underwood

30 Here are the Top 20 teams, conference races, leading independents, the best small colleges

60 Among the men who wrote the tunes that add so much to the aura of the game was Cole Porter
by Robert Cantwell

72 Ever want to run a football team? Meet four new head coaches—eager, ambitious, optimistic
by John Underwood

The Departments

11 Scorecard
69 Baseball
86 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Next Week

Pro football 1976 arrives, replete with Wanda, Meg, Do Dad and 43 Purple Sloop. Dan Jenkins, NFL glossary in hand, reviews recent events, previews the upcoming season and makes some funnies. Robert F. Jones gets Bud Grant to crack his Great Stone Face during a lakeside visit with the Viking coach and, in a definitive article on the 3,500 miles of tape used annually by the pros, wraps up that subject once and for all. Plus all the inside dope on the 28 NFL teams.

This is an article from
the Sept. 6, 1976 issue