Sept. 13, 1976
Sept. 13, 1976

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Sept. 13, 1976

Dish Behind The Plate
  • The race is only 6.8 miles long, but its 2,000 runners go up a stairway, down gullies, through rain forests. Some finish, bloodied and bowed

Bud Grant
Cloud Of Dust
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 The Rich Get Richer
Already loaded, golf's leading pros gathered in Akron to divvy up a whopping $300,000
by Dan Jenkins

This is an article from the Sept. 13, 1976 issue

22 He Meant to Settle for Third
Billy Haughton took Steve Lobell into the final Hambletonian heat reluctantly—and won it all
by Douglas S. Looney

24 No Dish Behind the Plate
He has a squatty body and a prickly personality, but Thurman Munson is a masked marvel
by Larry Keith

31 The Dipsea Doodle
It's only 6.8 miles, but try to tell that to 2,000 runners facing fearsome hills and ravines
by Dan Levin

Pro Football 1976

36 What happens after Mary calls a 43 Purple Sloop may sail a team into the Super Bowl
by Dan Jenkins

42 Swathed in tape, the Mummy tottered toward its Revenge, but the pros run, block and tackle
by Robert F. Jones

52 Scouting reports on the NFL teams tell who will win, who will lose and why

76 To get away from the boo birds, Minnesota Coach Bud Grant communes with ravens
by Robert F. Jones

98 Heigh-ho Silverado!
Neither the rocks nor ruts of Baja can stay racer Walker Evans from his appointed rounds
by Sam Moses

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120 19th Hole

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Next Week

Biting the dust of the Har-Tru at Forest Hills, some of the big names of tennis—Ashe, Panatta, Wade, Navratilova—disappeared early from the U.S. Open. Curry Kirkpatrick records the deeds of the survivors.

Alive and kicking, but without George Blanda to do the latter, the Raiders open their season against the Steelers, who defeated them in the AFC title game. Dan Jenkins covers the not-quite-instant replay.