Sept. 20, 1976
Sept. 20, 1976

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Sept. 20, 1976

Forest Hills
You Need A T.D.
College Football
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 A Jim-Dandy U.S. Open
Jimmy Connors lost one set, Chris Evert none, as they conquered the opposition at Forest Hills
by Curry Kirkpatrick

This is an article from the Sept. 20, 1976 issue

16 The A's Put on the Speed
Oakland is making a run at Kansas City, despite its unhappy players and capricious owner
by Ron Fimrite

18 You Need a T.D. in South Bend
Supposedly, that just evens the odds for visitors. But Pitt's Tony Dorsett does a lot more
by John Underwood

26 In His Own Backyard
A salesman went to Crosley Field looking for souvenirs and wound up with most of the park
by Roy Bongartz

36 Cutting Up a Storm
The tone is folksy, the crowds are bitty, but cutting-horse contests are serious bidness
by Mason Smith

64 Healing the Earth's Wounds
Stringent strip-mining laws and a gung-ho official are restoring the Pennsylvania countryside
by J. D. Reed

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5 Scorecard
43 College Football
49 Pro Football
57 Cycling
60 Baseball
74 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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